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FAQ for Arca Mobile

General Questions

» What is Arca Mobile?

» What does Arca Mobile offer?

» What is a Mobile App?

» How can an iPhone or Android App help my business or organization?

Creating Your App

» How much does an Arca Mobile App cost?

» What is the difference between Arca Mobile’s Owned License and the Mobile App as a Service?

» How do I start creating my app with Arca Mobile?

» How do I add new features and functions to my app?

» How much would it cost to add a new feature to my app?

» Can I customize my app's look and feel?

Launching Your App

» What are the criteria for having my app approved by Apple?

» What happens if my app is rejected by Apple?

» How do I create and setup an iOS Developer Account?

» What is In-App Purchasing and How do I use it?

» What is Android's approval process?

» How do I create an Android Developer's account?

» How long will it take for my app to be live, approved, and available on the Apple App Store and the Android Market?

Managing Your App

» How do I update content and/or design?

» How much does it cost to update my app?